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A Thread of Sky

“A Thread of Sky” is a naturally formed sea trench on the left side of Dongyin’s Tienwangao. It is still part of an important military-controlled area. Signs designed to boost morale sit on both sides of this winding battle trench; at every corner, you’d be able to see signs boasting words such as “Keep Hold of the Stronghold to the End,” or “We Shall Live and Die Together.” To visitors, having a glimpse of a military frontline and experiencing the battle spirit is a very unusual experience.

As you walk along the stairs, down towards the end of the trench, you will see that the sea trench is squeezed between two vertical rock faces, with a narrow line of sky above and the sea below. Standing quietly at this point, you will be able to feel how isolated the soldiers must have felt as they battled it out in this distant frontline.


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