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Yanxiu Tidal Echo

“Yanxiu Tidal Echo” is situated behind the old Special Forces military base. The term “Yanxiu,” in local dialect, means “Yancao” or “swallow’s nest.” After the Nationalist army occupied Matsu, they substituted the word “Cao” with “Xiu” because that is how the locals pronounced it. According to the village elders, swallows used to build their nests here because the strong nautical winds of Dongyin prevented them from nesting under the eaves of houses. After the Nationalist army occupation, the gunshot sounds fired during military drills scared the swallows away, so they don’t nest here anymore either.

From the geologic structure, Yanxiu Tidal Echo is a typical natural formation of sea erosion Tidal waves flow into a cleft in the rock, and crashes against a rock face, causing a resounding echo—hence the name “Tidal Echo.” The Tidal Echo Pavilion and valley footpath give access to let you see the Shore Eurya and other environmentally conserved flora and fauna. As you walk upwards to the highest vantage point, you’ll be able to see all of the sea erosion scenery around.


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